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Double Up

Double Up is an innovative new feature from Giveaway Competitions.

On our Instant Win competitions we list the winning ticket numbers, but in a Double Up competition there will be certain numbers, that give whomever gets this ticket number, the chance to DOUBLE UP on that amount on our live draw.

Double Up

On an Instant Win competition page, you may see a number (1234) marked as “double up chance”.

What this means is that whoever gets this ticket will have the chance to spin the wheel on the live draw and potentially double their winnings. In this instance they have already won £500, and if the wheel stops on DOUBLE UP, then they win £1,000 in total.

If they do not land on “DOUBLE UP” then they still have their original win! No risk involved at all. If you have a Double Up ticket number we will spin the wheel on the live draw for you.

Our DOUBLE UP Instant Win competitions will be marked with the Double Up logo on the graphic visual as per below.

Win £13000

Responsible Gaming

Giveaway Competitions is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of a powerful and proactive tool in our Competition System – the “Responsibility Controls” plugin!

At Giveaway Competitions, we are committed to providing an exciting competition experience and ensuring the safety and well-being of our valued customers. With Responsibility Controls, we’re taking a significant step forward in promoting responsible play and putting the power to manage their gaming habits directly into the hands of our users.

What is Responsibility Controls?

Responsibility Controls is a cutting-edge plugin designed to empower your users to participate in a responsible and controlled manner. We recognise that while taking part in competitions can be an enjoyable pastime, it’s essential to maintain a healthy balance. This plugin equips our customers with the tools to set limits, take breaks, and even exercise self-exclusion if necessary, all within a dedicated section of their My Account area.

Key Features

🚫 Spending Limits: Customers now have the capability to define their own financial boundaries by setting daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly spending limits. This functionality encourages mindful play and prevents excessive spending, ensuring that competitions remain an enjoyable part of their lives.

⏸️ Self-Exclusion Options: Sometimes, taking a step back is the best course of action. With Responsibility Controls, customers can choose to self-exclude for durations of 1, 4, 12 weeks, or even an entire year. During this period, access to their account is temporarily restricted, providing an opportunity to refocus and return with a refreshed perspective.

🔐 Admin Account Lock: Site administrators also have a role to play in fostering responsible participation. The plugin grants admins the authority to temporarily lock customer accounts, preventing access to their accounts upon their request or if they are exhibiting signs of problematic behaviour. This feature demonstrates your commitment to safeguarding your customers’ well-being.

Loyalty Points and Superpayments

Giveaway Competitions has teamed up with online payment company Superpayments to offer you cash back and loyalty bonuses.

Unlike some loyalty schemes being offered, Giveaway Competitions chose Superpayments because they offer real cash when you use them to purchase tickets with us, not 5% off Halfords or some other shop you rarely use. REAL CASH!

What are Cash Rewards?

1. Using Super to pay saves businesses money, so you’ll earn Cash Rewards for your next purchase. 2. These are used as money off your next purchase with the same business. 3. Cash Rewards don’t stop, so you’ll continue saving the more you shop.

2. These are used as money off your next purchase with Giveaway Competitions.

3. Cash Rewards don’t stop, so you’ll continue saving the more competitions you enter.

Request a Prize

If you have an idea of a competition you would like us to run, please let us know.

If your suggestion is unique and we like it, you will get 10 free entries when the competition is live.

Lucky Misses

Lucky Misses are a feature unique to Giveaway Competitions. We have listened to your feedback and know how frustrating it can be to miss out on the ticket number by 1 number.

So…. from now on Giveaway Competitions are giving away a bonus prize to the ticket numbers before and after the winning number. This won’t be as large a prize as the winning ticket, but it will be a generous consolation prize. On the image above you can see that the winning number was John Smith with 100, but with Lucky Misses, Clare Neill and Paula Quinn would get the Lucky Miss bonus prize!

More ways to win with Giveaway Competitions

What are Instant Win competitions?

Instant Wins are our most popular competition type. They are unique because when you buy a ticket online, you have a chance of winning instantly.

Our website will let you know, and indeed you will notified immediately via email if you have won an instant win prize. With each ticket purchase you get a ticket number; if your number correlates to the instant win numbers on the competition page, then you instantly WIN.

PLUS… you will still be entered into the jackpot draw which will be LIVE on Facebook.

Multiple chances to win with every ticket. Watch our video below for more.

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