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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sorry to see you go!

Email our team at [email protected] if you wish to delete your account.

Please keep in mind that if you ask us to close down your account prior to the closing dates of any competitions you have entered, you will also be withdrawing from those competitions. This means we can’t refund you any of the entry fees you have paid.

We ask for your contact information so that we can run our competitions and award prizes. You can easily opt out of our mailing list if you don’t wish to receive marketing emails from us.

We don’t use your data for any other purpose, or share your data with any third parties unless this is necessary for carrying out the competition. Full details of how we use your data are included in our Privacy Policy.

If you are the winner, we may have to share your details with the Advertising Standards Authority. This is only to confirm that we have carried out the competition and awarded the prizes fairly.

You have the right to opt out from us using your data at any time. See the question below on how to delete your account.

It’s disappointing, we know. But it is a competition! Incorrect answers will not be entered into the draw. You will still be charged for entry, but you can also try again.

You can enter the competition as many times as you want until you have reached the maximum number of entries. The maximum amount is displayed on the competition’s page.

Whilst this isn’t gambling, we still urge you to keep this fun and not spend more than you can afford!

Every time you enter a competition, we send an email with your order details and ticket number(s). You can also find your tickets in the My Account section on our website.

If you are the winner, the prize will be yours. That means you can do whatever you want with it, including selling it or gifting it to a very lucky friend!

Everyone who selects the correct answer to the question is entered into a draw. The winner will then be chosen at random from all the correct entries during a live draw using a random number generator.

If you’ve won, please make sure that you have given us the correct information to get in touch with you or another winner will be chosen! We will contact you within 1 day of the competition’s closing date.

With your permission, we’d also love to share your excitement on our website and social media pages.

We have a nominated Charity Partner for 2023, Friends of St Gerard’s School,  This is an amazing organisation that helps children with a range of learning disabilities. In June 2023, we helped them raise £7,500 by hosting and running a competition free of charge, with all proceeds (£7500) going directly to help the children.

We work within a heavily regulated industry and we take our business very seriously. Your trust is very important to us!

We regularly update our social media with our winners’ stories. We also have a Winners page where you can see all our past winners and the amazing prizes they have won.

Please only buy tickets through our website and follow our official social media accounts. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram

At Giveaway Competitions we have a real passion for holiday and city breaks, the latest gadgets and technogy as well as everyones favourite, Cash! So our prizes include a wide and diverse range.  You can browse our current competitions here and each competition has a full description and pictures.

We usually have our prizes in stock, but in the rare case that we’re not able to get hold of something we will offer you one of an equal or greater value.

You must be 18 years or older to enter, as well as a resident of United Kingdom.

We can’t accept entries from outside the U.K as other countries’ laws for running competitions vary, and ours have been organised to comply with national laws. Also, you can’t enter this competition if you are a relative of any of our suppliers – we’re serious about making sure all our competitions are fair and unbiased!

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